A digital transformation providing individualized care to your employees

The health system is fragmented and caring for the employee is flawed

Today, employees with traditional health plans receive basic care for their well-being, but employees and the company pay a high price. The road is stressful, confusing and costly.

Health culture in companies needs to keep pace with the innovations already present in other fields.

A new health care journey

MedPass was created to solve this problem. With our platform, the employee receives individualized oriented care, along with a care path to promote their overall health and quality of life. They will have access to individualized health programs and certified health care professionals.

As a result:

  • The company becomes more productive
  • There is a reduction of absenteeism and sick days
  • There are significant savings in health care costs
  • Employees are more satisfied and happy

Effective care to ensure the best experience and optimization of key resources

We use evidence-based medicine to deliver effective, rapid and otimal medical care. The patient has access to a call center to help find the best hospitals or laboratories for their particular ailment. This offers the patient the best personalized experience and cost effectiveness, all the while avoiding unnecessary visits.

Global Analysis and Personal Privacy

Individual employee data is confidential; however, the company is constantly informed with relevant and segmented global data. Thus, it is possible to evaluate employee engagement with a better understanding of the trends and risks involved, such as medical claims, absenteeism and employee productivity

The awakening to health

Welcoming employees

The MedPass platform has a personal guide and assistant called Bem-te-vi, guiding the patient through the care process and promoting self-care.

The bem-te-vi assistant takes the place of the company physician. Knowing the medical history and individual risks of each employee, bem-te-vi accompanies and positively influences individual habits and behaviors.

The name means “good to see you” and symbolizes a conscious awakening and freedom we have to make our own choices regarding health and well-being.

Awakening > Guide to solutions > Engagement > Appropriate guidance > Delivery of results > Incentive to change > Autonomy in care

Promoting engagement

Engagement occurs in a variety of interactions involving gamification and exchange of experiences in groups with similar interests, encouraging the achievement of personalized health goals such as prevention, nutrition, exercise, and punctual check-ups.

Want to know more about the creation of MedPass?

Access here the Charter of the Co-founder and the Board of Investors

Our Solutions

Transforming services and delivering effective health care

  • Assessment of Quality of Life and Health
  • Health Care Cost Analysis
  • Health Center
  • Employee Application
  • Referred Network
  • Individual Monitoring Program


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